New Website - Pages TODO

Justin R. Knierim justin at
Sun Jul 10 15:40:38 PDT 2005

Hi everyone,

Just went through an old mirror seeing what we don't have on www2.  I 
got the printed 6.0 book on there, since already one person asked about 

Here are some things that the old website had that are missing.  I am not sure if we need everything here.

1.  A link to a "lfs team" website, with links to all users homedir's 
and emails.  Not sure if needed.

2.  Links to FAQ - It is linked in the support page, but maybe also 
would be good in the LFS and BLFS menu?

3.  Sitemap - Do we need this?  if so, I will throw one together.  And 
if yes, where should it be linked?  Each menu?  root menu?

4.  Website Information (about standards, which browsers are known to 
work, etc) - Probably don't need

5.  Links to LFS and BLFS bugzilla.  Should this go on the menu 
somewhere or maybe support?  Not really support though.

For sure we need to get the RSS back up, if it isn't already, and put some links to it:

6.  RSS Feed links.  Should go down by the news.  Also need to sort out 
the RSS files.

That's all I can see and think of for now.  If anyone else notices something missing please let us know.


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