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Author: justin
Date: 2005-07-10 00:54:40 -0600 (Sun, 10 Jul 2005)
New Revision: 412

[www2] Updated BLFS page. Included links to the LiveCD project.

Modified: html/trunk/blfs/faq.html
--- html/trunk/blfs/faq.html	2005-07-10 06:51:08 UTC (rev 411)
+++ html/trunk/blfs/faq.html	2005-07-10 06:54:40 UTC (rev 412)
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 	<dt id="bootcd">How do I make a bootable CD?</dt>
-	  <p>There are several <a href="../hints/downloads/files/">hints</a> related to boot CD's.</p>
+	  <p>The <a href="/livecd/index.html">LFS LiveCD</a> Project as already done the dirty work!  The project has a <a href="/livecd/documentation.html">documentation page</a> and information about how to obtain the project's makefiles, scripts and configurations are available on the <a href="/livecd/download.html">download page</a>.</p>
+	  <p>If that doesn't interest you, there are several <a href="/hints/downloads/files/">hints</a> related to boot CD's.</p>
 	<dt id="seti">Where do I join the LFS SETI team?</dt>
 	  <p>Because LFS-based installations are built from the sources, these systems are generally very optimized for a specific computer. So it's not surprising a lot of people run the Seti at home client. There's a <a href="http://setiathome2.ssl.berkeley.edu/fcgi-bin/fcgi?cmd=team_lookup&name=Team+LFS">Team LFS</a> for the joint effort of LFS alien searches.</p>
-	  <p>So if you have the SETI at Home client running on your LFS box, why not <a href="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_join_form&id=61060">join Team LFS</a>?</p>
+	  <p>So if you have the SETI at Home client running on your LFS box, why not join <a href="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_join_form&id=61060">Team LFS</a>?</p>
       <p><a href="#blfsfaq">Back to the top.</a></p>
       <h3 id="compissues">Compilation issues</h3>
 	<dt id="gtk-2_0">I'm getting errors building a package that requires GTK+, but I've installed GTK+ 2.x.</dt>

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