Website migration

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Jul 9 09:11:03 PDT 2005


After considering the comments made since your original call for testers 
and reviewers, I think it's about time we migrated the website across 
from to  The 
majority of comments were very positive, including things like easier 
navigation and more professional/less cluttered design.

While it's clear we haven't pleased everyone 100%, I believe the 
remaining issues (e.g. font-size, logo/banner and colours used) can be 
fixed relatively quickly, once the requirements have been fully fleshed out.

So, Jeremy and the rest of the website team: can you do what's required 
to make this change happen please.  We have a number of mirrors already 
configured to handle the SSI stuff, so bandwidth usage shouldn't change 

Thanks for everyone's efforts on this!



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