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Justin R. Knierim justin at
Fri Jul 8 16:25:48 PDT 2005

Roel Neefs wrote:

>Just wanted to say that i like the new site much better than the current 
>one, it looks professional, clean, but still nice on the eyes. I'd 
>really like to see it switched together with the 6.1 release, it's good 
Hello everyone,

I have to agree with Roel.  I find the new site much easier to navigate, 
easy on the eyes, and much less cluttered.  The current site just has 
links about everywhere your eyes look.  The website is also (in my 
opinion) easier to administrate and simpler for others to make changes 
to.  All headers and menus are all nicely tucked away in common menu, 
header and footer files.

I would also like to see the beta site be released and put to use soon.


Justin R. Knierim
justin at knierim dot org

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