Comments on beta website

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Jul 7 20:55:33 PDT 2005

Craig Colton wrote:
> For instance, the banner doesn't mention the project's name. It seems like it 
> should do this foremost. A new visitor might think the name of the project is 
> "Your Distro. Your Rules.", since the text is nearly as prominent as the only 
> other prominent text on the page - the body header.


> Brings me to another point - if you want a new look why use old art?

I can appreciate these sentiments. We could always entertain new banners 
or concepts. Anyone care to make/offer new ones?

To briefly explain, we used this art for a couple of reasons:

First, we preferred the old art to the art on the current site (no 
offense meant to the logo creator). There are several things about the 
current logos that don't strike the tone of professionalism. (Note that 
I'm not touting the new site as being a great deal grander on that scale)

Also, we didn't have the time to invest in creating new logos. Recall 
that beta got started because a couple of us were frustrated with the 
current site and its design (a little visually, but mostly in function), 
and we wanted to explore the possibility/community reaction to a site 
not based on wiki technology (which was where the website was slowly 
heading at that time.) So we used art that was available. We wanted a 
banner - something that faded across the screen - and this was the best 
thing that was available right then. Btw, many people have applauded the 
return of the puzzle pieces, but that's another story...

> The navigation bar is too big (vertically) in relation to the banner size. 
> It's distracting, and disrupts the vertical flow. It might look better with  
> a taller banner, or incorporated in the banner - does it have to be a 
> different color?

I disagree. While taller might be fine, I don't think the banner and 
navigation bar in beta has the disrupting effect you're suggesting. The 
use of space looks well balanced and leads the eye nicely.

If the community wants, I can spend some time working on something that 
is a little more visually striking and aimed to 'wow' the visitor, (or 
again, if anyone actually has some other proposals or ideas they'd like 
to show...) but that would likely mean a huge delay in any change of the 

Finally, I just want to add that beta *has* been discussed on this list. 
The reasons for *starting* work on it may not have - but briefly, as was 
mentioned before, that was simply because it was two guys working 
together on a sample idea they weren't sure would go anywhere. When it 
was a solid enough idea for proposal, we did show the list what we had 
done and got permission to keep working on it. Since then this list has 
had many posts with ideas, references to and proposals about beta.


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