Comments on beta website

Craig Colton meerkats at
Thu Jul 7 20:12:45 PDT 2005

Maybe the old site was too ambitious? Maybe it took too many people too much 
time to maintain. Maybe it was too cluttered, and the art and colors were not 
attractive. Maybe we needed a new look.

These are my guesses based on the differences I see between the present site 
and the beta. Since I'm a subscriber to the website list it doesn't seem like 
I should have to guess about these decisions, but let's just call that a 
minor complaint.

I am neither a coder nor a scripter. I'm only minimally qualified to comment 
on aesthetics, but it seems like in your zeal to simplify the site, maybe 
some design basics and plain common sense got ditched.    

For instance, the banner doesn't mention the project's name. It seems like it 
should do this foremost. A new visitor might think the name of the project is 
"Your Distro. Your Rules.", since the text is nearly as prominent as the only 
other prominent text on the page - the body header.

I realize that having "Linux From Scratch" in the banner will make "Welcome to 
Linux from Scratch" redundant, but if you want to express this sentiment, 
maybe the heading should just read "Welcome". 

The banner art ain't quite right. It looks like a couple of the puzzle pieces 
got cropped into something not recognizable. I know what they are because I 
recognize the art from several years ago, but I'm not sure anyone new could 
make sense of it.

Brings me to another point - if you want a new look why use old art?

The navigation bar is too big (vertically) in relation to the banner size. 
It's distracting, and disrupts the vertical flow. It might look better with  
a taller banner, or incorporated in the banner - does it have to be a 
different color?

Sorry I'm so late with these comments, but this is the first chance I've had. 
I hope they're given in the proper spirit, if not please accept my apologies.


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