[RFC] New LFS Website

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 5 15:25:16 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> sash at dalriada.com wrote:
>> If you insist on using that logo, could you at least put the mouse-over
>> colors along the top edge in rainbow order?
> *sigh*, women eh? :)
> Actually the more I think about the rationale you gave for your 
> dissatisfaction of that logo, the more I *have* to agree with you.  Do 
> we have any decent graphic designers/artists among us, or contacts with 
> any?

Well, as far as depicting the concept of LFS in a graphic goes, IMHO, 
whoever did this background did an excellent job:


Hard to port that to a banner though, eh?  I have some art/graphics 
backround, only I usually do my work by hand and haven't done much 
computer art.

I might see if over the week or weekend if I can draw up a few things. 
But to be honest, (no offense meant Sash), I respectfully disagree with 
the point Sash made as far as the full jigsaw pieces. The banner well 
illustrates the *concept* of putting together a Linux puzzle without 
having to spell it out entirely.  Often, good art (music, written word, 
visual art) can illustrate, describe or outline the meaning of a thing 
without being totally explicit. Sometimes half the skill there is gently 
leading a person to a thought or feeling without forcing them to the 
point. Understatement can be a powerful thing. :) It kind of goes hand 
in hand with one of the original goals of the site - subtlety.

Anyway, no need to ramble on a thing. ;) That's just my take on it.


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