[RFC] New LFS Website

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 5 13:49:23 PDT 2005

sash at dalriada.com wrote:
> If you insist on using that logo, could you at least put the mouse-over
> colors along the top edge in rainbow order?

*sigh*, women eh? :)

Actually the more I think about the rationale you gave for your 
dissatisfaction of that logo, the more I *have* to agree with you.  Do 
we have any decent graphic designers/artists among us, or contacts with any?

I like the style of the current logo, but as sash says, the fact that it 
doesn't make a full jigsaw is somewhat derogotary of the LFS project! 
How about something like Tux putting the final piece of a jigsaw back 
in, with the completed jigsaw being an image of something LFS-related 
(maybe just as simple as the letters L F S)?

> the rainbow out of order is just a bit too much disorganization for me.

Having seen the site go through its early stages, I have to agree with 
Jeremy on this one.  Having the different shades of blue/purple and to a 
lesser extent the red/orange close together made it harder to 
distinguish between them.



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