[RFC] New LFS Website

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 5 08:26:20 PDT 2005

David Fix wrote:
> Hmm...  :)  I think, really, that the logo on the "old" site, with the soft
> drop-shadows and the way the menu highlights give it the look...  :)  I
> think that the menu highlights just need a little "3d'ing" to give them that
> edge.  :)  *shrug*  Perhaps I'm just used to the old one, but I do like the
> look of it.  :)

David, Sash,

Thanks for the detailed input. While there may yet be design *tweaks* to 
  the site, at this point, major design elements are not likely to 
change.  The real question is, should we implement this new design?

Also, moving this thread to the website list, please reply there.


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