Automatic website backup

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Sun Feb 13 16:13:55 PST 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

>The script running on ( works by 
>keeping an "opaque" SVN working copy of www+patches+hints, rendering the 
>website inside this working copy (not the entire website, just what actually 
>needs to be re-rendered) and the rsync'ing 
>to /home/httpd/ So there is no "rm -rf" envolved.
>If I understood correctly, you have working like 
>, right?
Not exactly. But your system is an extension of how we had it set up. 
Our site *was* the working copy. But I do like the extra steps you take 
there to remove the svn properties from the site. How are the book 
renderings handled with your setup? And are they set up to only render 
what has changed too? Please explain how you have that working... (Note: 
I *still* haven't been able to look at yet :/ sorry)


Jeremy H.

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