Automatic website backup

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sun Feb 13 15:17:53 PST 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

>I think it's nice to have both :). A site-wide backup allows us to store it 
>outside belgarath and restore it quickly when necessary. I remember Jeremy 
>Utley discussing with one of the FTP admins the possibility of having 
>automatic backups uploaded to one of the FTP mirrors so they can be easily 
>restored. Not sure if such thing was enabled though.
I had experimented with, and actually had a script set up that would 
back up the website to my server, however, I determined that the 
bandwidth utilization would have been too much for ninja to handle.  
Justin K also offered his server to hold an off-site backup, and I'm 
sure Bruce/Randy/Igor could handle it with anduin as well.


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