Rendering the ALFS SRS

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sat Feb 12 09:26:15 PST 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 12:25, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Anderson,
> We've got (or will have when I fix the script) the ALFS SRS document
> being automatically rendered via a post-commit hook.  Now, all
> committers will be in the svnalfs group, so the HTML file also has to be
> owned by that group and be group writable in order for the post-commit
> to run successfully.  Currently, all the website files are owned by
> gerard:lfswww, and I believe that ownership is reset each time the
> website is regenerated.  For this reason I'm currently rendering the SRS
> in my own public_html dir.  Any ideas on how to fix things up so we can
> put it under the ALFS section of the website?

I can see these options:

1) put everyone who touches /home/httpd/ in lfswww.

The simpler and easier option, but may allow e.g. broken scripts to easily 
delete random parts of the website.

2) Create a group-ownership hierarchy for the website.

Basically, it can be setup as follows (root dir relative 
to /home/httpd/; sub-dirs inherit the parent dir 
group-ownership unless explicitely defined):

/: svnwww
/alfs/{view,downloads}: svnalfs
/blfs/{view,downloads}: svnblfs

and so on. Note that I didn't added lfs or hlfs because currently the website 
team is responsible for these renderings and therefore need permissions.

BLFS has its own script for book rendering, and ALFS takes care of all its 
files (DTDs, books, tarballs).

Also directories like /alfs/ need still to be svnwww owned because we need to 
updated news and project-related content.

Patches and Hints are currently handled by the Website team, but can be easily 
moved to a post-commit script without major overhead.

Another advantage of this setup is that an accidental "rm -rf" 
on  /home/httpd/ will only remove files owned by the 
running proccess.

only (1) works with the current setup. (2) needs to be done after the script I've wrote is enabled 
for /home/httpd/

If anyone complains, I'd like to suggest (2), including using the "live" 
website update implemented at

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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