Rendering the ALFS SRS

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Feb 12 08:25:10 PST 2005


We've got (or will have when I fix the script) the ALFS SRS document 
being automatically rendered via a post-commit hook.  Now, all 
committers will be in the svnalfs group, so the HTML file also has to be 
owned by that group and be group writable in order for the post-commit 
to run successfully.  Currently, all the website files are owned by 
gerard:lfswww, and I believe that ownership is reset each time the 
website is regenerated.  For this reason I'm currently rendering the SRS 
in my own public_html dir.  Any ideas on how to fix things up so we can 
put it under the ALFS section of the website?



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