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Sat Feb 12 07:00:28 PST 2005

On Friday 11 February 2005 23:58, Archaic wrote:
> This probably needs to be taken up with Jim, Anderson, Bruce, Matt and
> myself as to how we are going to deal with the patches project's
> (better) integration with the website. It has been suggested that the
> website actually pulls straight from a live svn repo that anyone in
> lfswww can run svn up on. This would certainly beat just a nightly svn
> export. I don't believe I'm the only one who thinks the website isn't
> "live" enough. But that is beyond the immediate need to get HLFS
> integrated.

Okay, I think I forgot to make this public.

I'm working on a new Makefile-based script that makes the main website updates 
"atomic" (i.e. it's updated on each commit instead of using a cron job). You 
can see it working at:

And the script itself is on the www repos:


It's working fairly well now, and the migration to it is very easy (just 
disable the cron job and change the TARGETDIR variable on the wrapper 
script). There is even no need to "rm -rf" anything, as a local rsync command 
will take care of removing/updating old files.

I'm aware of the plans to replace the website layout entirely (in favour of a 
"clean" and "easy to maintain" structure), but I think the benefits of using 
the above system will still be valid if such changes take place. I once 
supported the idea of directly exposing a working copy 
at /home/httpd/, but Matthew pointed out the 
problems of such design and myself found it unclean to have a website 
cluttered with files only needed for website generation.

The above script makes the website "clean" by keeping the working copy on a 
external, "opaque" location and using rsync locally to only move 
to /home/httpd/ what's really necessary to be 
public. E.g. do a "ls -la /home/httpd/" and you 
will not see ".svn" dirs or news-YYYY.txt files.

The complete description of this script is on this mailing list archives, I'm 
too lazy to find it now, but I can list the references if anyone is 

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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