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Wed Dec 21 14:41:40 PST 2005

Author: jhuntwork
Date: 2005-12-21 15:41:39 -0700 (Wed, 21 Dec 2005)
New Revision: 705

Added news item for x86-6.2-pre2 CD

Modified: html/trunk/livecd/news.html
--- html/trunk/livecd/news.html	2005-12-14 06:32:48 UTC (rev 704)
+++ html/trunk/livecd/news.html	2005-12-21 22:41:39 UTC (rev 705)
@@ -4,6 +4,23 @@
    <div class="main">
       <h1>LiveCD News</h1>
          <p>| <a href="/livecd/feed.rss">RSS Feed</a> |</p>
+	 <dl class="newsItem">
+	   <dt>LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre2 Released</dt>
+	   <dd><em>Jeremy Huntwork - 2005/12/21</em>
+	     <p>The LFS LiveCD team is proud to announce a new pre-release version of the LiveCD.
+		Since this version of the LiveCD is tracking the LFS development instructions and
+		is slated for release when the current LFS development book becomes stable, there
+		will likely be many changes between this CD and the final x86-6.2 CD. We are
+		pre-releasing at this time so that we can receive feedback on the new features we
+		have included. Most notable among new features is the support for UTF-8 locales,
+		and a modified version of the LFS Book for use in building a UTF-8 capable LFS system.
+	     </p>
+	     <p>The CD, <em>lfslivecd-x86-6.2-pre2.iso</em>, is available for download on all mirrors.
+		To download, please visit the <a href="http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/livecd/download.html">download page</a>.
+	     </p>
+	     <p>Please send any comments or suggestions to the <a href="/mail.html">LiveCD Mailing List</a>.</p>
+	   </dd>
+	 </dl> 
          <dl class="newsItem">
            <dt>LiveCD Version x86-6.1.1-2 Released</dt>
            <dd><em>Justin Knierim - 2005/12/11</em>
@@ -77,20 +94,6 @@
                 for a list of mirrors.</p>
-         <dl class="newsItem">
-           <dt>LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre1 Released</dt>
-           <dd><em>Justin Knierim - 2005/10/18</em>
-             <p>The LFS LiveCD team is proud to release the 6.2-pre1 version of the 
-                LFS LiveCD.  This version follows the current development versions of LFS and
-                BLFS, to prepare for a later release.  The LiveCD features updates to gcc
-                (4.0.2), glibc (2.3.5), binutils (2.16.1) and many other packages.  Since
-                this LiveCD is under development, please report problems to the
-                <a href="/mail.html">LiveCD mailing list</a>.  Thank you.</p>
-             <p>To download the new LiveCD, visit the LFS LiveCD
-                <a href="/livecd/download.html">download page</a>
-                for a list of mirrors.</p>
-           </dd>
-         </dl>
       <h2>Latest SVN Changes</h2>
       <!--#include virtual="/logs/livecd.html" -->
 <!--#include virtual="/common/footer.html" -->

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