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Archaic archaic at
Thu Dec 1 17:52:29 PST 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 10:54:56PM +0100, Nico R. wrote:
> The page <URL:>
> has a link to <URL:>,
> which does not exist anymore.

Thanks for the note!

> The paragraph
> | The errata for the current {a}stable{/a} book can be found {a}here{/a}.
> should be changed, IMO. It is never good to use the word "here" in a
> link anchor. What about
> | The {a}errata{/a} for the current {a}stable{/a} book can be viewed online.
> ?

That is as non-descriptive as what already exists, so I'll defer.

> Perhaps the title of this page should be changed as well, for example to
> "LFS Errata (development versions)"?

The title looks fine to me as it is. It is accurate and generic. If it
is made more descriptive, then it looses its purpose since it is not
just for the development branch. In fact, the only reason this page
exists is because the link in the book is a generated link based on a
template. The more we can template, the less trivial minutae gets in our
way of spending time on important tasks like writing the books.


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