Side menus on the site

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Aug 22 04:16:25 PDT 2005

Richard A Downing wrote:
> The trouble is, one man's concept ain't necessarily the next man's
> concept.  We all pigeon-hole thing differently.  It's a pity there isn't
> a technology that lets people organise websites themselves ;-)

Yes, I know. :) The reasoning behind my suggestion there is really more 
of a an attempt at psychology. It's not about scrolling, or fitting on 
one page, but about avoiding clutter and allowing a user to quickly and 
easily determine where on the site the information is he's after, by a 
logical grouping of data.

The old site (probably less from design, and more from entropy) suffered 
severely from clutter. It was *very* difficult to isolate what you were 
after in the menus. I'm very anxious to avoid this in the current site.

> My view is that if it fits on one side-menu on a 800x600 screen it's OK.
>  (Yes, I know 800x600 is old hat, but I still use my old lap-heater from
> time to time, and it does help Lynx users).

I somewhat agree here, but again, it's not just keeping the pixel size 
down here that's the issue (at least, not to me). I'd like to have the 
side menus be logical grouping of data for each sub-project. Think of it 
as an outline, ie:

I. Subproject (LFS)
    A. Read Book
	1. ...
	2. ...
	   a. ...
	   b. ...
	3. ...
    B. Download Book
	1. ...
	2. ...
II. Subproject (BLFS)
    A. ...
	1. ...
	2. ...
    B. ...

You see what I'm after now? To me, it's all about organization and 
keeping it simple and logically structured.


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