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Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Tue Aug 9 15:26:28 PDT 2005

Justin R. Knierim wrote these words on 08/09/05 17:15 CST:

> At the moment, the link is only at the bottom of the support pages:
> I don't have a problem putting it in other places.  Just let me know.

Hey, it's your team's call. I just know I went to to look for the URL to the mailing
lists so I could find a URL in the archives to post in a bugzilla
entry. I never did find one. I just happened to tack mail.html on the
end of the URL and it came up! Lucky me.

However, to me, folks might wish to browse the archives without
needing support, and thus, would probably never be able to find
them, or would never know they existed.


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