RSS and News

Justin R. Knierim justin at
Sat Aug 6 17:59:16 PDT 2005

TODO Items:

>Place links to RSS feeds on the news pages.
Is there anything else that must be done before the links are made?  The 
RSS feeds are manually edited, correct?  Or is there a script to 
generate them?

>Avoid duplication of news items on "general" and project-specific news.html
>pages, possibly using SSI.
That sounds like a good idea.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how 
to do this best?  If you have an idea, please speak up!  :)

I would suggest as an example, making a /news/<year> directory, putting 
the news items in there (as html text files), and SSI including them in 
the normal news.html pages.  The news items would be everything from <dl 
class="newsItem"> to </dl> for a normal item.

We _could_ have a script to convert normal text to a news item instead 
of using html, but it would just be more work in my opinion.


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