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Nico R. n-roeser at gmx.net
Sun Sep 26 09:40:16 PDT 2004

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Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Nico R. said the following on 22-09-2004 16:09:
>> Hmm... I can't test in IE, but I *assume* that might be because the
>> DOM support of IE is incomplete or broken. Will try to find out by
>> Googling and checking microsoft.com and try to adjust the script if
>> possible.
> There's no output whatsoever. Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Load site in IE (5.0, 5.5 and 6.0)
> 2. Watch the site load in the default stylesheet
> 3. When the javascript kicks in (especially noticable on slow
> connection/computer); all styles are removed
> 4. The styleswitcher displays all links but activates none.
> 5. No errors or messages are generated by IE's Javascript debugger/

Thanks for the report. I'm going to work on this some more. I won't be
available for one week starting from in a few minutes. Hope I'll have
something that works when I return.

I'll comment on your other points next Sunday or so; perhaps earlier if
I happen to find an Internet connection before. ;-)
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