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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Sep 18 01:53:40 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've taken some time to go over all the pages in the website to evaluate 
where we are currently and what should be fixed on short-term with the 
current site. I've fixed most issues myself, but these issues require 
input from the developers. Please respond to the website list only.

Issues with the current site

General pages:
* /search.html: in the search results page, the search box should be on 
the bottom.
* /irc.html: The list is now probably out-of-date.

LFS pages:
* lfs/roadmap.html: This page is seriously out of date. However, the 
roadmap should be written by the LFS editors & discussed and approved by 
the community. I'd like to ask everyone to add their thoughts to 
* lfs/development.html: currently instructions are given for specific 
branches. However, we should probably give instructions to download 
stable, testing or unstable.
* lfs/packages.html: I'm not sure if the book refers to this page. 
However, it might be useful to include some information in the book 
itself, since we occasionaly still get questions about this. For the P2P 
part; it might be better to standardise on Bittorrent.

BLFS pages:
* blfs/edguide/guide.html: this seems to be out-of-date. IIRC Bruce 
greatly improved it. Bruce, can you re-render the latest version in 
/home/httpd/ Thanks
* Where is the BLFS roadmap? Can the BLFS editors provide one?

ALFS pages:
* alfs/news.html: it seems like this page needs to be moved from CVS to 
SVN commit log tracking. Also, the order is old->new, while it should 
be new->old. Anderson?
* Roadmap: can the Wiki roadmap be incorporated in the site?
* Download/Current SVN: the tarball dates from 6 September and thus 
seems to be out-of-date. Or does the tarball only get generated if there 
are code changes?
* Download/Profiles and All Guides: idem.

HLFS pages:
Where is the latest version of the HLFS book?

Download/Patches for BLFS (patches/blfs/) is empty. Should this be 
regenerated from the repository or should the link be adjusted?

Jeroen Coumans

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