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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Sep 13 00:26:05 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 12-09-2004 20:48:

> Em Dom 12 Set 2004 08:10, Jeremy Huntwork escreveu:
>>Frankly, the website's in poor shape.  I think there are a few places
>>that never fully recovered, or got re-rendered from the last server
>>glitch we ran into.  Plus, there hasn't been a news feed in a long time.
>>I think it would have been helpful (still might be) to add a news item
>>that the server had hiccupped and some parts of the site are/were
> Agreed. In fact, I was waiting for some admin to make the changes I posted 
> both here and on lfs-server. I don't know if some admin really read that 
> message, so I'll repost it.
> IMHO, the new script is high-priority as we saw from the recent breakage. The 
> new scheme does not allow for the entire website to disappear, as it actually 
> does not remove the entire tree as the current one does.

Agreed to the above. (And sorry to say I don't have the time anymore to 
do anything major, except small fixes :-( )

>>I probably have the most time, currently, to handle some of this stuff.
>>Jeroen, I'd be happy to help you out a little more there if you want.
>>I'd need to be taught how to do a few things, though, such as the news

Sure, just ask anything you want.

> As to the CMS 
> migration, we have to postpone it until we have the website on a stable 
> state.

Yes, agreed. For the CMS, we have 
as todolist, for the whole website, it's 

How satisfied are you guys with the look on I have some 
images from Craig Colton which are going to be integrated soon, but 
other then that I'm not planning any major changes unless the feedback 
is negative.

Jeroen Coumans

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