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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Sep 12 05:10:41 PDT 2004

Hey Guys:

My apologies for being so distracted lately. I've been wrapped up in
creating this bootcd and haven't paid much attention to the website.
Jeroen, I know you & Anderson have been fairly busy too, so it doesn't
seem that any of us have been able to give proper attention to the site.

Frankly, the website's in poor shape.  I think there are a few places
that never fully recovered, or got re-rendered from the last server
glitch we ran into.  Plus, there hasn't been a news feed in a long time.
I think it would have been helpful (still might be) to add a news item
that the server had hiccupped and some parts of the site are/were

I probably have the most time, currently, to handle some of this stuff.
Jeroen, I'd be happy to help you out a little more there if you want.
I'd need to be taught how to do a few things, though, such as the news

In any case, Jeroen, Anderson, can you guys spare a little time
presently to help me review the entire current site and make a list of
things that need to be done/fixed?


Jeremy Huntwork

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