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Author: jhuntwork
Date: 2004-11-27 11:04:17 -0700 (Sat, 27 Nov 2004)
New Revision: 887

Adjusted the mission statement.

Modified: html/trunk/alfs/whatisalfs.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/whatisalfs.html	2004-11-25 21:21:18 UTC (rev 886)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/whatisalfs.html	2004-11-27 18:04:17 UTC (rev 887)
@@ -51,9 +51,11 @@
 <h2>What is ALFS?</h2>
 		<p>Automated Linux From Scratch or ALFS, is a project that aims to create a generic framework of an extendable system builder and package installer using XML to describe the process.</p>
-		<p>Its main goal is to <em>automate</em> the process of
-creating an LFS system. As a secondary goal it aims to provide a framework
-for system administration using automated processes.</p>
+		<p>Its goal is to <em>automate</em> the process of
+creating an LFS system. It seeks to make the process of building LFS
+easier and more efficient while still providing flexibility, granting
+the user total control and insight into the compilation and management
+of his LFS build.</p>
 	<h3>Does it work and whats the status of the project?</h3>
 		<p>The LFS and BLFS projects have selected the nALFS implementation as the "official" ALFS implementation.  See below for more info.</p>
 		<p>It's been in production use for over a year now and is under active development. Take a look at the news page for status of the current stable version.</p>

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