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Date: 2004-11-14 11:15:05 -0700 (Sun, 14 Nov 2004)
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Added ALFS news item concerning new team leader.

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 Section: alfs
+Title: New ALFS Team Leader
+Author: Kevin P. Fleming
+Date: 2004/11/14
+	<p>In spite of the fact that I suggested a "couple of weeks" time to discuss new leadership, the discussion did not take long :-)</p>
+	<p>As of today, the new team leader of the ALFS project will be Jeremy Huntwork. I'd like to thank him for volunteering, and I'd also like to thank the other team members for their positive comments.</p>
+	<p>As I mentioned in my original message on this topic, I'll continue to be involved in the LFS and ALFS communities, and I'll contribute whatever help I can.</p>
 Title: [RFC] Call for new team leader
 Author: Kevin P. Fleming
 Date: 2004/11/08

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