Putting new update-website script online ASAP

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Nov 14 08:38:57 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> I think that would be great. We need to get that in place. Can you 
> give me a bit more of a detailed walkthrough of the script?  I'd like 
> to fully understand what it's doing so I can help if you aren't around 
> for some reason.  It looks like it will backup the entire current site 
> to /var/tmp before it generates the new one, is that right?  Just a 
> thought, but could we (for the sake of redundancy) also consider 
> pushing that backup (perhaps just that tar file) to one dedicated 
> mirror for that purpose?  That way we are protected twice, in case the 
> script fails or something major happens.  We could have it tar up the 
> file, then attempt to send that file to a remote server.  If that 
> fails, because the remote is down, or some other network problem, we 
> just time-out and continue.  But if we are successful most of the time 
> in our remote sync of this file, then we would likely always have the 
> website rendered and stored somewhere that is at most a couple of days 
> old.  Thoughts?
> ---------------
> Jeremy Huntwork

I think this would be an excellent idea.  If the website team would 
like, I can set up a key-based authentication on my web server for 
belgarath, and when the update script runs, the first thing that could 
be done is to tar the entire /home/httpd/www.linuxfromscratch.org 
directory into one big tarball, and scp that onto my server.  That way, 
should something go massively wrong, we have at least one backup off the 
belgarath server.


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