Putting new update-website script online ASAP

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 14 07:11:18 PST 2004

On Sunday 14 November 2004 07:49, Jeremy Utley (-J-), LFS Staff wrote:
> Hey Guys!
> Anderson forgot to update the update-website.sh script today when he
> restructured the repository.  This caused the website regeneration script
> to go haywire, and once again, almost the entire website got deleted.

I'm really sorry for that. I thought I had changed all occurrences of the old 
repos path before the reorganization but forgot the most important one (that 
of the update-website.sh).

> So, someone who understands the scripts better than I do needs to get the
> website back into operational condition.  Then, we need to find out WHY
> the website gets deleted every time one of these scripts malfunctions, and
> resolve that.  I'd rather see the site not be generated at all, rather
> than this happen!

Basically, the website is deleted because the current running script does 
something like

<commands to create a new website tree>
cp new_website TARGETDIR

So, if the website recreation fails somehow, the website is deleted because of 
the "rm -rf" command. It's a badly designed procedure, which the new update 
website script I'm working on plans to fix once and for all.

Currently the new update-website.mk script (which only touchs 
test.linuxfromscratch.org for now) is working well. The "pemission denied" 
errors you saw were because you are not in lfswww group. I will change the 
test website tree to "svnwww" onwership so everyone with commit privileges to 
the www repos will trigger the update script properly.

Because of this (unacceptable IMHO) new website massive deletion, I plan to 
antecipate the new update script adoption for the current website. I'll just 
fix the group onwership issue and then we can start the migration.

PS: the things that gets lost on these website deletions are usually the 
"static" data, like the stable book renderings and artwork. Most of the 
website can be regenerated by running the scripts (run-update-website.sh, 
render-lfs-book.sh, render-blfs-book.sh) manually.

Again, sorry for that :/
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org

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