Partial restoration of website

Jeremy Utley (-J-), LFS Staff jeremy at
Sun Nov 14 03:49:48 PST 2004

Hey Guys!

Anderson forgot to update the script today when he
restructured the repository.  This caused the website regeneration script
to go haywire, and once again, almost the entire website got deleted.

I corrected the script, and have managed to get the website into somewhat
operational condition, but there are still a lot of things left to do, and
I'm not sure what all scripts need to run at this point to restore the

So, someone who understands the scripts better than I do needs to get the
website back into operational condition.  Then, we need to find out WHY
the website gets deleted every time one of these scripts malfunctions, and
resolve that.  I'd rather see the site not be generated at all, rather
than this happen!


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