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Sat Mar 27 07:05:50 PST 2004

mail123 at said the following on 03/27/04 14:29:
> uhhm , okay , I indeed havnt checked the archives , sorry :D but anything - especially paragraph 5.

Also, the Wiki document which I've assembled acknowledges & adresses all 
concerns raised by the community so far. Please read it COMPLETELY 
before you have say anything about the Wiki! I hate repeating myself & 
repeating discussions. Thanks.

> like a package with all the pages/files so i can start my own LFS mirror?
> or are there any instructions for being a mirror for LFS?

READ THE WEBSITE! Under "Contribute" is a menu-entry called "Become a 
mirror". You could have found out by yourself with just two seconds of 
glancing over *any* page on the website. Or by searching with Google. I 
know you like mailinglists, but we have several means of communication, 
among which is the website. It should be the *first* place to check for 
information, just as the FAQ. Please make it a habit to do so.

If you have checked but weren't able to locate the page, please tell me 
why. Was the title (Become a mirror) not properly labelled? Was the 
heading too obscure ("contribute")? Was it not obvious which links are 
for navigation through the site? Any other issues?

And I've told you before that 5.1-CVS is stable enough to start 
translating, as long as you keep up with the lfs-book mailinglist.

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