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Sat Mar 27 05:04:57 PST 2004

> At 15:23 26/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
> > > Because the bandwidth requirements would mean about 20 out of those 20
> > > servers would be totally incapable of hosting the mirror, not to
> > > mention
> > > the cost for them...
> > >
> > > 1/4 of the mirrors are on dedicated servers rented with a 'little
> > > free space' 1/4 of the mirrors are on DSL/cable connections
> > > 1/4 of the mirrors are on web hosting accounts
> > > 1/4 of the mirrors (maybe) are on corporate networks (like mine)
> > >
> > > Only the latter would be responsive to doing what you suggest, and I
> > > doubt even I would be willing to host the web site with no mirrors
> > >
> >well , okay , I know , but the website is a bit oversized too. Like ,
Wiki ,
> >to be honest , it isnt that good. This mailing list is good , and maybe a
> >PHPBB could be handy. Also there should be an easy thingy to see what the
> >LATEST  cvs release/patch is.The LFS book should be zipped (or rarred) ,
> >not in 9 different formats. What is the main mirror? one that is allways
> >to date? I can host the documents , but no PHP.
> Err there is no guarantee the mirrors have/support php -this is why the
> site does not use it, it's a bit retarded I know but hey ;)
> The book is in multiple formats for ease of use.. some people prefer html
> over pdf (I do) yet some would prefer plain text over html..
> The main mirror is and it definately cannot
> the whole download thing without mirrors off it, gerard would cry if he
> suddenly lost his mirrors :)
> Basically there are a few 'high capacity' mirrors, i.e. servers on large
> bandwidth connections, but even out of those I think mine might be one of
> only two? which is actually owned by a company - not co-located, so we (my
> company) dont have such a problem with using up bandwidth.. some people
> with quotad bandwidth would/do though.
okay , sorry , I just like this mailing list better then the WIKI. But there
is one big thing that a WIKI misses:
security: everyone can EDIT the document , so everyone can delete it!

Anyways , is there some kind of pack that I can download that contains a
list of all the files that I can download and upload so I can be a mirror?
Because I dont feel its neccasery to strawl through each page looking for
links etc.

AND , is the latest CVS stable enough to translate? Maybe some will remember
my post about translating...


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