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Fri Mar 26 06:51:35 PST 2004

mail123 at said the following on 03/26/04 15:23:
> well , okay , I know , but the website is a bit oversized too. Like , Wiki ,
> to be honest , it isnt that good. This mailing list is good , and maybe a

You've been following the discussion about the Wiki so you know my plans 
with it. It's use has increased since then and it will *not* go away as 
long as I'm around.

Also, what do you mean with oversized? The total contents of all files 
under is 51MB. This is including the online versions of all 
stable, test & CVS versions of the various books. Cutting those is *not* 
an option. We seperated the book's tarballs and offer them via file 
mirrors & P2P:

> PHPBB could be handy. Also there should be an easy thingy to see what the

Why? I've seen no arguments what the benefits of PHPBB would be as 
opposed to the wiki solution I've proposed. I've chosen a certain path 
with the website and I plan to stick to it. I've heard no convincing 
arguments *against* using a Wiki for the website and for supporting book 
development & discussion (only feature requests) and I've seen no 
convincing arguments on why I should choose PHPBB.

> LATEST  cvs release/patch is.The LFS book should be zipped (or rarred) , and

There is:
After reading the necessary text, you'll see a link to
which you can bookmark to *always* read the latest CVS.

Also, all book formats are tarred & bzipped, so that *anyone* with a 
linux box can access the files. What benefits do zip or rar give us?

> not in 9 different formats. What is the main mirror? one that is allways up

The main mirror is

> to date? I can host the documents , but no PHP.

All mirrors are welcome. That said, I think you should inform yourself 
more about the functioning of the website & the work that has been gone 
into it. Start reading the archives. Read through *all the pages* of the 
website. Learn what needs it solves. After you've done that, I'll gladly 
listen to your comments on what we can do to improve it. Thanks,

Jeroen Coumans (jeroen at
FAQ and Website Maintainer

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