Inconsistent mirrors

Stuart Harris stuart at
Fri Mar 26 01:52:22 PST 2004

At 07:46 26/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:

> > Each mirror could be given a seperate key to connect (the easiest would
> > be providing a user name to connect to the rsync server). Based on the
> > data sent, on the server side would put the mirror in the dns list.
> > Sounds easier to maintain rather than pinging each server every now and
> > then.
>Like I sayd before , why not have one server host the whole site , one
>powerfull server that is allways up to date. That will be a lot easyer!

Because the bandwidth requirements would mean about 20 out of those 20 
servers would be totally incapable of hosting the mirror, not to mention 
the cost for them...

1/4 of the mirrors are on dedicated servers rented with a 'little free space'
1/4 of the mirrors are on DSL/cable connections
1/4 of the mirrors are on web hosting accounts
1/4 of the mirrors (maybe) are on corporate networks (like mine)

Only the latter would be responsive to doing what you suggest, and I doubt 
even I would be willing to host the web site with no mirrors

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