Inconsistent mirrors

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Thu Mar 25 18:05:15 PST 2004

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>Yes this needs to be addressed. I started on it a while ago then I
>forgot about the project. I have been working on a simple script that
>gets the current timestamp file
>( then it downloads the
>timestamp file from each mirror and compares it to the current copy. The
>difference between the contents of the two files are the number of
>seconds that the mirror out of date (ie: has updated, the
>mirror hasn't synced yet). We'll have to decide on after how much time a
>mirror is deemed out of date. Mirrors are supposed to sync twice an hour
>(some older ones may not do this yet) so two hours would be a good time.
>It would have given mirrors 3 to 4 chances to sync.
>The next step is finding a way to interpret the results of the script
>and either automatically comment out a mirror from the list or forward
>to the website list and have you guys deal with it manually.
>The only thing that needs to be finished is entering the value that
>determines whether a mirror is deemed out-of-date.
Rather than employing the server-pull scenario, how about a client-push 
scenario? Each client would have their own private key and whenever the 
download the new data, the server would update the time the client 
updated. In the round-robin, only include mirrors that have updated in 
the last X hours.

Tushar Teredesai

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