Inconsistent mirrors

Stuart Harris stuart at
Thu Mar 25 16:13:12 PST 2004

At 01:03 26/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>On Friday 26 March 2004 00:57, Stuart Harris wrote:
> > I'll partly take the 'shame and blame' on this, I was meant to be
> > doing work on mirroring and i'm sure Gerard has given up on me as a
> > lost hope.. but it's like everything else, LFS is a hobby for me,
> > work is something that lets me do my pass time/hobbies .. this isn't
> > really an excuse though
> >
> > Mirrors SHOULD update twice daily... so here is what I suggest...
>twice an hour even (if needed).

pass, set it up ages ago, dont actively monitor it tho :P .. I just get 
daily mirror reports :D

> >
> >
> > As we do not currently *COUGH* have guarantees that all mirrors
> > support php, and it'd be stupid to do this on every server...
> >
> > who thinks it'd be a good idea for us to start time stamping actual
> > mirrors, and having a single stable mirror (i'll even code/host) to
> > run the 'mirr or list' page.. as to be honest, it's going to be low
> > bandwidth :P
>the mirrors already use timestamps, and Gerard was gonna use a system
>together with the round robin dns to exclude mirrors when they are
>outdated, but he's been busy lately :)

Basically what im gonna do... it'll abuse /timestamp/timestamp and check to 
see how old it is.. against the local one my mirror carries.. if its older 
or newer it'll say.

> >
> > it's simple enough to code and i'll put a code preview up in about
> > 1/2 hour ... to see what people think - this would obviously only
> > relate to LFS www mirrors.. and I do promise that i'll give some
> > priority to FTP mirrors soon (if Gerard hasn't found someone else)
>If some more help is needed with the ftp setup, I would be happy to help
>out, I already have an extended ftp mirror for lfs on gaosu and I
>currently have enough time. :)

It's basically lack of time to build the content for it... if you've got 
time tho you might be a better choice... I offered because at the time, I 
Wasn't short of time, at the moment i'm working 60 hour weeks on crappy low 
budget projects (I hate freelance at times!)

same with my mirror, it's actually about 50G if you look at everything I 
mirror - altho i'm considering dropping debian as it's a waste of bandwidth 
and i'm slowly getting p***ed off with the #debian channel's lack of 
helpfulness (end of rant here :P)..

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