Inconsistent mirrors

Stuart Harris stuart at
Thu Mar 25 15:57:23 PST 2004

I'll partly take the 'shame and blame' on this, I was meant to be doing 
work on mirroring and i'm sure Gerard has given up on me as a lost hope.. 
but it's like everything else, LFS is a hobby for me, work is something 
that lets me do my pass time/hobbies .. this isn't really an excuse though

Mirrors SHOULD update twice daily... so here is what I suggest...

As we do not currently *COUGH* have guarantees that all mirrors support 
php, and it'd be stupid to do this on every server...

who thinks it'd be a good idea for us to start time stamping actual 
mirrors, and having a single stable mirror (i'll even code/host) to run the 
'mirr or list' page.. as to be honest, it's going to be low bandwidth :P

it's simple enough to code and i'll put a code preview up in about 1/2 hour 
... to see what people think - this would obviously only relate to LFS www 
mirrors.. and I do promise that i'll give some priority to FTP mirrors soon 
(if Gerard hasn't found someone else)

At 23:15 25/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>The LFS mirroring system sucks. Someone please make sure they are really
>MIRRORS. I once encountered a mirror that was way behind on the CVS  book
>(don't remember which one that was) and today I got a 403 trying to access
>I'm sorry but I won't use mirrors anymore if I can't be sure that I get
>reliable information. And I visit the LFS websites extremely infrequently.
>The chanes of me hitting a problem should be very low. Either I'm just an
>unlucky person or there are a lot of those problems.
>p.s.: I'm not subscribed to website, but please don't CC me if you discuss
>this. I just wanted to vent my frustration. I'll remove the "de." from my
>bookmarks and forget about it.
>Digitize if possible - Eradicate if necessary!
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