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mail123 at said the following on 03/20/04 15:28:
> I saw that there is no up to date translation of the linux from scratch '
> book'  in Dutch , I think about making one. Is there on currently in
> creation I can help with or shall I make a new translation?

AFAIK nobody's working on a Dutch translation. Feel free to start 
working on it; there are a couple of Dutch readers who may be able to 
help or proofread your translation; perhaps if time permits me, I'll 
proofread it myself too.

> If im finished will you list my translation on the website?

Of course!
I suggest you download the current 5.1-prex newxml sources and translate 
those, otherwise your translation is outdated the moment it's finished. 
Keep a close eye on CVS commits (subscribe to lfs-book).

Good luck! (en veel plezier *)

> Xanni

*) and have fun ;-)

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