I think we lost the "glue" for the docs.

Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational bill at nospam.dot
Sat Mar 20 07:37:57 PST 2004

Hi folks,

I was navigating around, as you know, and kept looking for "cohesion" in
the org docs. Finally I realized that we were missing some "glue" that
sort of brought everything together. I knew I had some, so I went to the
wiki. Yes, there it is in


I think we need to have this, or something similar. It provides a little
introductory text, offers a list of the sorts of documents that are
(will be) available, provides quick navigation to the other docs (may
not be the same on the website) and generally "holds it all together".

I think we need this to be the target of "...organization.html" and what
is in there now needs to be a manifesto document. Or we could combine
the two I guess. But I would rather not _if_we_provide_links_ (see
last two paragraphs).

If we do pull it back in, the first paragraph needs to be reverted to a
non-list paragraph (Ha! I just remembered ... I've taken care of that
now).  Somewhere along the line it got changed and it doesn't make sense
in its current structure.


If you agree, I'd ask you to get that added in, as I don't know if we
could trust my zero-level knowledge to get all the stuff right. It had
nav links to the other docs, and may not make complete sense unless we
have nav links added to the other docs too. In the wiki version, we
could do normal "next", "prev", "up" and "top" types of jumps. I think
having those would increase the chance that the docs actually get read
and, therefore, provide some benefit.

If you agree, just do one good example (maybe "missing" piece above?)
that I can use as an example, and I'll do the rest. Since it's HTML, I
can test, view and adjust locally before making the patch.

Bill Maltby,
LFS Organizational
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