downloading compressed text versions of LFS and BLFS

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Mar 19 00:04:52 PST 2004

Rob Wong said the following on 03/19/04 06:05:
> Are the link attributes of these files (LFS-BOOK-5.0.txt.bz2 and 
> BLFS-BOOK-5.0.txt.bz2) correct? When I try to download them, my Mozilla 
> 1.2.1 browser treats them as text and tries to display them instead of 
> saving them.

I couldn't find a reference to bz2 in Apache's mime.types, so I guess 
you're right. According to, the 
correct mime-type for Apache should be:

application/x-bzip2 bz2

In the mean time, you could try downloading with right-click & "save as"

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