Discrepancies in mission statements format.

Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational bill at nospam.dot
Mon Mar 15 13:37:03 PST 2004

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational said the following on 03/15/04 19:10:
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> I've removed the Homepage from the hints, patches & BLFS since they're
> superfluous. I've also corrected the ALFS header to be more consistent
> with the others. Should I add team members to the others? I was under
> the impression that they shouldn't be added to the manifesto's, since
> they only describe the project, not who's in it.

If you recall (and IIRC) I mentioned team/homepage. There were only a
few teams put them in there. Since it is their document, I think you
should check with them on removal. For me, I have no problem if it's
there or not except then we should probably add or remove them to/from
all. But I would prefer links if we add/keep them so that one copy of
something serves all uses (less maintenance effort).


> Oops, no I made a mistake in referring to the proper location of the
> stylesheet.

*chuckle* I suspected it was an oversight of some kind.

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