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Mon Mar 15 10:21:08 PST 2004

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational said the following on 03/15/04 18:39:
> ><snip>

> > When I first saw the six bullet items in "Manifesto", fourth paragraph I
> > thought "where's the links?". Then when I realized 3 <PGDN> strokes
> > covered the whole part, I realized they weren't needed. *chuckle* It
> > seemed so much larger when I was working on the raw text!
> The small font which MSB complained about also helps ;-)

Maybe, but that was using a 150% display in NS. Was still plenty brief.

> > Anyway, I noted that in Scope, I had not yet updated to include HLFS. Is
> > it still too early, or should I (or you?) gen a one or two liner to add
> > in there? It might be best to wait for their webpage?
> I'd rather wait until a first Alpha-release of HLFS is out. By the time
> a release is due I think we've Wikified the main website (or CMS'ed).


> > Another thought I had was that maybe a news item and/or announcement to
> > the lists is in order? Long-time users may not notice the addition on
> > the main page and I think it might be useful to be sure that folks see
> > that *some* substantial progress has been made, after all this time has
> > passed.
> Another thing the Wiki will solve: a link to RecentChanges will reveal
> all new pages & major edits. :-)
> Anyways, if you'd like to scribble some notes for an announcement, that
> would be great. I already wrote this:
> "After some beta's and a rather long incubation period, the LFS
> Organization Documents are now finally available." before I realised you
> might want to write it yourself since it's your pet project. Perhaps a

s/pet project/major PITA/  # If you believe I like this, you're crazy!

> small history & the general purpose of these docs? But remember to keep
> it *short* (max. 150 words)! ;-)

I'll suggest this because I want to emphasize it's not complete yet. And
you'll be pleased with my brevity.

A significant part of the initial organization documents are now
available <here>. More should be available in the future.


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LFS Organizational
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