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  <h2>About HLFS</h2>
  <h3>What is HLFS?</h3>
  	<p>Hardened Linux From Scratch (HLFS) is a project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own customized and hardened Linux system. Based on LFS, this project will incorporate parts of BLFS as well. The main differences between these other projects will be the amount of text dealing with security configuration issues as well as patching many of the packages used for improved security.</p>
  	<p>If you are wondering why you would want an HLFS system, just read any number of articles dealing with hackers and script kiddies breaking into systems and destroying them or stealing from them.</p>
  	<p>If you are wondering why you would want an LFS system or what one is then you don't want to be here for now - you want to head over to the LFS introduction page where all will be explained</p>
  	<p>Currently there is no release of HLFS yet. All work is coordinated on the <a href="">hlfs-dev mailinglist</a>. An initial version can be found at <a href="">the Wiki</a>, although at the moment it is only useful for developers. </p>
  <h3>Who's who?</h3>
   <li>Project Leader: Archaic</li>
   <li>Toolchain Editor: Robert Connolly</li>
   <li>Daemon Editor: Ryan Oliver</li>
   <li>Networking Editor: Dagmar D' Surreal</li>
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  		<li><a href="about.html" class="currentpage" title="About the HLFS project">About HLFS project</a></li>
  					<li><a href="downloads/stable/" title="The latest stable HLFS version">Current stable</a></li>
  					<li><a href="downloads/test/" title="Test the next stable version">Test version</a></li>
  					<li><a href="downloads/cvs/" title="The latest CVS HLFS version">Current CVS</a></li>
  					<li><a href="" title="Download older versions">Previous Releases</a></li>
  					<li><a href="packages.html" title="How to download all packages required by HLFS">Packages</a></li>
  					<li><a href="stable.html" title="Release information and translations of HLFS">Stable and translation</a></li>
  					<li><a href="cvs.html" title="Get the bleeding-edge development version">Development (CVS)</a></li>
  <div id="generalnav">
  				<li><a href="../donation.html" title="Donate via paypal">Make a donation</a></li>
  				<li><a href="" title="Get counted!">Register as LFS user</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../becomemirror.html" title="If you have some bandwidth to spare">Become a mirror</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../faq/" title="Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)">FAQ</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../search.html" title="Advanced search page">Search</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../irc.html" title="Chat channels and nick names">IRC</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../newsgroups.html" title="For following development and advanced support">News groups</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../mail.html" title="For following development and advanced support">Mailing lists</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../people.html" title="Who is who and who does what">The LFS team</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../organization.html" title="Manifesto, Scope, Bounds, Objectives, Strategy and Logistics">General Documents</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../manifesto.html" title="An index of all manifesto's">Team Mission Statements</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../acknowledgements.html" title="People from past and present who contributed">Acknowledgements</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../index.html" title="Home (mirror list)" accesskey="1">Home (Mirror list)</a></li>
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