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   	<p>The strategy to accomplish that is simple in concept, though complex in implementation. Tools to build an operational system will be provided to the user. These tools are the documents and support services that provide:</p>
  -		<li>commands,
  -		<li>parameters,
  -		<li>considerations,
  -		<li>supporting instructions,
  -		<li>clarification.
  +		<li>commands,</li>
  +		<li>parameters,</li>
  +		<li>considerations,</li>
  +		<li>supporting instructions,</li>
  +		<li>clarification.</li>
   	<p>In the last three items, care must be taken to not overstep the Bounds set for the project. Briefly, existing available documents that offer comprehensive education in a particular area are not to be supplanted. This will be very subjective, due to the nature of the project's Scope and Objectives.</p>
   	<p>A "volunteer" force, organized into teams, will be the implementers of this strategy.</p>

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