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  <h2>The LFS Organization</h2>
  	<p>The LFS manifesto contains documents that drive  the definition of the organization's structure and activities. Its purpose is to describe LFS in terms of goals, strategies, major policies and functions, and similar attributes.</p>
  	<p>By nature, the contents of the documents at this level must be somewhat non-specific. They must provide enough detail that constructive examination and criticism can occur, but not so much that detail-level implementation details are either locked in here or they would prevent the generation of the necessary effective design detail in the lower-level documents.</p>
  	<p>The actual definition of LFS occurs in "lower level" documents that describe, in some detail, how the attributes described in the manifesto will be satisfied - the implementation of the desired attributes. These can be seen at Organization Documents.</p>
  	<p>The manifesto itself consists of several documents, formally structured as might be found in any formal organization. We currently have these:</p>
  	 	<li>Preface - a brief description of purpose and a little background,</li>
  	 	<li>Scope - a brief description of goals for each of the LFS projects,</li>
  	 	<li>Bounds - some general limitations to LFS goals,</li>
  	 	<li>Objectives - general results that are desired and also serve as subjective assessment tools for judging the success of the LFS project, making decisions about tactics to be used, and determining future strategies and tactics,</li>
  	 	<li>Strategy - general methods used to accomplish the overall goals,</li>
  	 	<li>Logistics - specific deliverables that will satisfy the goals and objectives and provide some guidance as to tactics employed.</li>
  	<p>An additional document is needed at this level, "Policies". However, it is derived from the tenets established in the preceding six and cannot be seriously undertaken until those are finalized. It should be noted that it is not a repeat of the ideas in those documents, but is both a "clarification" and "augmentation" of them. Its ultimate purpose is to provide defining instructions for areas that may be necessarily subjective or somewhat vague. For example, "a friendly environment" may mean different things to different people. A policy might be established that says "Things like calling people dummy or telling them precisely 'do not waste our time until you grow up'" is not in keeping with the LFS spirit. Or it could be something as mundane as "We will try to use the latest available stable packages when reasonable". These will often be generalities and good sound judgment must be used in their application. </p>
  <h3>Purpose of the LFS Organization Documents</h3>
  	<p>Present the goals, strategies, scope, bounds and logistics that govern the implementation of the "Linux From Scratch" projects.
  	<p>In the third quarter of 2003, various community members identified problem symptoms in the "Linux From Scratch" project.  The symptoms included lack of recent substantial progress, text and commands "out of sync" for an extended period, loss of enthusiasm by project members, loss of personnel resources, end-user involvement reduced, some user code/text contributions lost, apparent lack of planning, uncertainty as to what the project product is.
  	<p>Since the LFS effort is founded upon an "all volunteer" force, symptoms like the above are quite serious and cause for immediate remedial action. The first step was a review of all the pertinent posts from the various "volunteers", and others, and an attempt to identify valid criticisms.
  	<p>Causes of symptoms, bandied about and discussed, included authority too centralized, no public roadmap, (apparent) lack of organization, poor use of resources/tools, ineffective leadership, insufficient public credit, new printed book efforts consumed resources, project outgrew previous methods, contributions handling too informal.
  	<p>After due consideration, it was felt that the cause underlying all issues was that the project had grown so that "shepherding" of the project, which had served in the past, was no longer sufficient.
  	<p>Therefore, an organization was established and documents appropriate to the management and maintenance of the organization and project were generated and published. The purpose is to help retain the "all volunteer" nature by rectifying issues that might drive people away from the project.
  	<p>These documents, including sections "Scope", "Bounds", "Objectives", "Strategy", and "Logistics", provide common and public project direction, principals guiding decision-making, foundation tenets for team activities, and are used to determine appropriateness of decisions and activities.
  	<p>Other needed documents, based on the tenets established in those documents mentioned above, will be generated and made publicly available to provide guidance to the organization, its activities, and goals. These additional documents will include such things as "LFS Organization", "LFS Roadmap" and documents appropriate to each team in the organization as are needed to effect a "Mission Statement" for that team. Further information deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of the LFS project will be provided as it is identified.
  	<p>"Linux From Scratch" (LFS) will educate Unix/Linux users about considerations, decisions, components and commands used to build a working GNU/Linux system, using program sources and a GNU/Linux host platform. The target audience is "intermediate-to-advanced" users of UNIX/Linux. Tools include publications and support via the internet.</p>
  	<p>The "Beyond Linux From Scratch" (BLFS) project will continue on to application-specific components as might be used for work stations, content servers and gateways.</p>
  	<p>"Automated Linux From Scratch" (ALFS) will offer an automatic install that is configurable and repeatable. A variation of this will support internal and "Linux Standard Base" project test and verification needs. Although not a full regression-capable automated test system, it (or a derivative of it) will undergo modification to achieve full-regression test capability.</p>
  	<p>"Linux From Scratch" will not supplant commonly available sources of help (tutorials, "HOWTOS", ...) for users unfamiliar with basic GNU/Linux user utilities. These include typical shell operations (directory, environmental variables, scripts, I/O redirection, ...), file manipulation (copy, move, rename, locate, ...), text manipulation (edit, find in file, concatenate, ...), file system operations (partitioning, mounts, ...), list and print (cat, tee, more, ...), and operations requirements (dump, boot, restore, ...).</p>
  	<p>"Beyond Linux From Scratch" will not educate users on the underlying administration principals that must be considered when configuring for the different applications included in its scope.</p>
  	<p>Users that are:</p>
  		<li>knowledgeable in construction of a basic GNU/Linux system,</li>
  		<li>aware of some configuration options of packages in the system,</li>
  		<li>more cognizant of some applicable standards, such as FHS,</li>
  		<li>aware of common package resources, like "README" and "INSTALL" files, and the kernel documentation directory,</li>
  		<li>aware of intermediate results issues, like log and cache files,</li>
  		<li>familiar with what components and configuration files are installed and which packages provide them,</li>
  		<li>more educated about the toolchain they are using,</li>
  		<li>more prepared for independent advanced efforts.</li>
  	<p>A usable GNU/Linux platform, constructed by the user, that allows them to pursue additional functionality and continue their educational trek.
  	<p>High-quality on-going support and services, such as a friendly and informative web site, problem-resolution assistance and certain discussion forums that promote the on-going development and enhancement of the LFS experience and products.
  	<p>All of the above produced by a force of "volunteers" that are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly, and remain with the project for a long time.
  	<p>Briefly, the goal is a user that is more informed about:</p>
  		<li>GNU/Linux system construction techniques,</li>
  		<li>the underlying issues and toolchain attributes.</li>
  	<p>The strategy to accomplish that is simple in concept, though complex in implementation. Tools to build an operational system will be provided to the user. These tools are the documents and support services that provide:</p>
  		<li>supporting instructions,
  	<p>In the last three items, care must be taken to not overstep the Bounds set for the project. Briefly, existing available documents that offer comprehensive education in a particular area are not to be supplanted. This will be very subjective, due to the nature of the project's Scope and Objectives.</p>
  	<p>A "volunteer" force, organized into teams, will be the implementers of this strategy.</p>
  </div> <!-- end content -->
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  				<li><a href="manifesto.html" title="An index of all manifesto's">Team Mission Statements</a></li>
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