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Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational bill at nospam.dot
Sat Mar 13 09:16:21 PST 2004

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> Regarding the monitoring of changes made to a Wiki site: Is it possible
> to mail the changes to this mailing list like CVS currently does? If
> possible, it will be a convenient way to keep track of changes, without
> needing to visit the website periodically.

As mentioned in one of my replies, this is a desirable thing because it
eliminates one of the frequently heard objections. But there are
*significant* technical and design issues. Just as a short starter list,
how is a post to a list slotted into the wiki? Where? What is it related
to? And going the other way, mail diffs only, how much, the whole
article again. How does a list-only user integrate the received mail in
his folder's threads. Maybe we just send notification that an update
occurred? Does that satisfy the list-only user?

> Additionally, it would be great if exists a "subscribe to this page"
> feature, enabling individuals to keep track of specific sections by
> e-mail. This way, e.g. the maintainer of the IRC nicks list (James
> Robertson, AFAIK), can monitor changes made specifically to that page.

Sounds good, but may have some drawbacks if you consider a much more
active page. Due to volume, would it be better to notify only once a
day? That way hourly updates would not hammer the notification
recipient. But then the recipient may be late joining the fray.

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