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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 12 09:29:39 PST 2004

James Robertson said the following on 03/12/04 17:42:
> I am glad that you are looking into it.  I have thought that the wiki 
> would work for us for some time, but have not had the expertise to do 
> anything with it.  I believe that an upgrade would not be too difficult.

I think the best course of action, should we proceed, would be to 
install the new version on the testsite so the regular wiki isn't 
interrupted. Installation is relatively simple, just needs a database.

>> Also, the Wiki links are very ugly; 
> SF.net has that on their wiki set.  If you remember, when LFS first had 
> a wiki over there, that was how it was setup.  I am not sure of the 
> method that the "fix" the filename, it may be the .htaccess hack.  I 
> would agree that we would want to fix this issue to make the site's URLs 
> cleaner.

Heh, that should be your area since you're listed as a wiki maintainer 
:-) I've tried it on my own Wiki but I didn't succeed and eventually 
gave up.

> I think Drupal is nice, but I also think that PHPWiki is more powerful, 
> more folks are using it and with the other available plugins, we could 
> have ourselves a real nice CMS going on there.
 > How long until the user auth is coming?  Can we wait that long? Can we
 > help them move along faster?  I think going wiki is an excellent idea.

For admins, Drupal is more powerful because it has finer granularity for 
user management and control. It also has some more functionality by 
default. However, for users, a Wiki is much more friendly.

PHPWiki's development is with outbursts; long periods of inactivity are 
followed by a sudden spur of development. I've read that a new stable 
release, 1.4, is planned in two months. This should have user 
authentication, page ownership and other goodies. We're not locked into 
using PHPWiki though, and we should definitely check out the others too 
to see if they are more fit for us.

Also, we shouldn't use a Wiki because it has CMS-features, we should use 
it because of Wiki-specific features. I don't think we need user auth 
perse, and I want to run at least a period of time without it. If the 
abuse becomes too large a burden for the community, we can always lock 
it down a bit.

Also, with our current organization structure, we can assign 
responsibility for keeping a project's section up-to-date to the project 
members. Therefore, the risk of running without userauth is diminished 

> James

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