What about extending the wiki...?

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 11 17:44:59 PST 2004

On Sex, 12 Mar 2004 00:35:55 +0100, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi,
> I've said before that I think we don't use the Wiki enough. I've been 
> playing around with PHPWiki for work and for the University lately, and 
> I'm very impressed with it. I noticed that we have still have an old 
> version on the LFS website; can it be upgraded?
> Also, the Wiki links are very ugly; 
> http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/index.php?pagename=LFS
> Can the "index.php?pagename="-part be snipped with a nifty .htaccess 
> rule? See http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/PrettyWiki

> I've adjusted the LFS wiki slightly to see what's possible, and I can 
> port the current design over to it. I've also felt the power of PHP and 
> some smart plugins. I know we're in the middle of evaluating and even 
> migrating to Drupal, but I seriously wish to consider the effects of 
> using a Wiki as our mainsite now that we can still change our minds.

Hm, could be possible. Sincerely, I was so locked on the CMS idea, that
I overlooked the possibility of using Wiki for site maintenance. I
participate on a LUG that just switched to Wiki for global page
maintenance, but it's still on that "default" theme.

I currently don't know wiki syntax (I've never used a wiki in edit mode,
anyway), but I can learn if we plan to test it. Although I didn't have
made further evaluation, I foresee at least these issues:

- Is there a way on wiki to keep the menus on separate pages? Otherwise,
  we will need to edit various pages to make a change on a menu
- As you said, news items will have to be published manually, which will
  need care on to put them on the correct position according to the
  date, keep the layout uniform.
- How are we going to archive news items? Is there a wiki "plugin" for
  news management?

BTW, just looked the Wiki and I saw it now looks like our site. Nice

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org

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