Wanted: FTP mirror administrator

Justin Knierim lfs at jrknierim.de
Fri Jul 23 22:59:33 PDT 2004

jeremy at jutley.org wrote:

>Consider it done, just let me know the IP's you need it pointed to - I
>don't have Roel's collection of information available anymore.  Also, are
>you guys going to be monitoring the book for new packages to add?  I know
>I updated a couple of packages in LFS-Unstable last night, so those
>packages will need to be added to the archive.  I'm also working on the
>possibility of getting you and Tim shell access to Belg as well.
That is ok about the list of ip's, we can always collect it again.  And 
I was planning to monitor the changelog/svn-commit to see if anything 
changed.  We could have it so that by package changes, you guys email 
us, but this is too slow and a pain for you guys I think.  Hehe.  Shell 
access on Belg would also be nice.  To keep the ip list and 
lfs-ftp-rsync script and so on up to date.

Justin R. Knierim
lfs at jrknierim dot de

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