Wanted: FTP mirror administrator

Scott Kveton kveton at oregonstate.edu
Fri Jul 23 07:33:01 PDT 2004

Hey Everybody,

> - Scott sets up the shell acount and provides Tim & Justin access to it
> - Tim & Justin will transfer the current ftp-packages to that mirror, 
> which will become the new FTP master for other FTP mirrors
> - new packages should be submitted to Tim & Justin for inclusion

So rsync.osuosl.org runs only rsync and would be accessible only by
secondary ftp/http mirrors.  The idea here is it gives you a well
connected machine that isn't loaded with users to get your data out to
the mirrors with.

ftp.osuosl.org will sync from this host regularly (say every 15 minutes)
and provide ftp and http for the LFS archives.


Scott :-)

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