Wanted: FTP mirror administrator

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Thu Jul 22 18:48:19 PDT 2004

> Scott Kveton said the following on 23-07-2004 00:21:
>>>>If you'd like we can create an 'lfs' user on our dedicated mirror and
>>>>let Tim take care of it.  Just a thought.
>>>I think we do need to prevent heavy reliance on one person, in case of
>>>sudden leaves. This would certainly help. Can we also allow both Tim and
>>>Justin to maintain it? (perhaps via a shared account?) That would
>>>combine all advantages. Thanks,
>> Absolutely.  I can create the 'lfs' user and create a temporary passwd
>> accordingly ... just say the word (or have whoever is going to do it
>> contact me).
>> Scott :-)
> We haven't heard from Tim yet, but assuming he's OK with this, I'd say
> that we should go with the above. Justin, Tim, please work out the
> necessary arrangements with Scott. When you guys are done, mail the
> updates to http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/becomemirror.html to this
> list so we can pick them up.
> Thanks in advance for everything,

And also, on behalf of Matt, Gerard, and the rest of the LFS development
community, a special thanks to Scott and the rest of Oregon State for
making this possible!


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