Wanted: FTP mirror administrator

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Thu Jul 22 15:21:01 PDT 2004

> Scott Kveton said the following on 22-07-2004 21:43:
>>>>If you're up for the job, please mail the website list! Thanks,
>>>Cool, two offers for maintenance (Tim Jackson or Justin Knierim), and
>>>one from Scott Kveton for a shell on a dedicated mirror machine (so we
>>>can always take it up ourselves). I have no strong preference for either
>>>option or person, but I'd prefer to have one (or more) dedicated "FTP
>>>dude". I don't know who is more qualified (and not sure how to find
>>>out), so I'd just assign it to the first person who responded, which is
>>>Tim Jackson.
>> If you'd like we can create an 'lfs' user on our dedicated mirror and
>> let Tim take care of it.  Just a thought.
> I think we do need to prevent heavy reliance on one person, in case of
> sudden leaves. This would certainly help. Can we also allow both Tim and
> Justin to maintain it? (perhaps via a shared account?) That would
> combine all advantages. Thanks,

This would be easy to handle - just have Justin and Tim provide SSH keys. 
This would also allow Matt or Gerard (or even myself in a desparate pinch)
the ability to step in on a temporary basis, if required.


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